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09 Mars 2023 | Aratron

The lifgo hp® – the difinition of precision

Revolutionize production with lifgo hp®. The continuously adjustable rack and pinion gear for maximum precision and efficiency. Click on picture below to experience our lifgo hp® in action!

The definition of precision:

    • Extremely high precision (~ 2µm)
    • Highest gearing quality
    • High rigidity independent of the stroke
    • Compact design
    • Easy installation
    • Low maintenance

An innovation in machine tool construction
Until now, the length of the stroke has been a limiting factor for many of the technologies used in the realization of machine tools. With the new lifgo hp ® from LEANTECHNIK, these problems are a thing of the past. The lifgo hp® is used here using machine tools as an example. However, it can be used in every conceivable industry and direction (X/Y/Z axis) where extremely high precision is required.

Changing the status quo
More travel axes that have to be synchronized mean more installation work! From a stroke of approx. 1500mm, the vibrations of the components installed here can increase. The accuracy suffers massively from this circumstance. In the past, the diameter of ballscrew had to be increased for long strokes in order to achieve sufficient rigidity – at the expense of dynamics. Using the lifgo hp ® creates a new definition of precision in combination with simplified synchronization and assembly.

Maximize your productivity with the lifgo hp®!
Our state-of-the-art rack and pinion gear with infinitely adjustable backlash offers you unsurpassed precision and efficiency. Say goodbye to bad manufacturing results and discover the advantages of our innovative product. Raise your production to a new level!

Compact design! Saving installation space – made easy. Four axes in the system mean more space and assembly is required. Why not combine the drive and the guide in one component?

Extremely high precision ~ up to 2µm (2/1000mm)
Precision down to the last detail! The accuracy corresponds to up to 2/1000 mm. With the lifgo hp®, you can position yourself “with pinpoint accuracy” in the truest sense of the word.

Infinitely adjustable
The setting of the backlash is continuously adjustable. The backlash of the lifgo hp® can be infinitely and individually adjusted with the help of a key. The effort is also low, since it is set centrally.

Your benefits from our infinitely adjustable backlash:

    • Precision & Performance: With an infinitely adjustable backlash, the backlash between the tool and the workpiece can be precisely adjusted, resulting in higher accuracy and tolerance in machining. An infinitely adjustable tooth flank clearance makes it possible to optimize the performance of the machine.
    • Wear reduction & longevity: Infinitely adjustable backlash helps reduce wear on tools and machine parts by minimizing friction and stress. Precise backlash adjustment can increase the life of tools and machine parts.
    • Cost savings: The service life of the tools and machine parts is increased, which reduces costs for maintenance and spare parts.


Highest gearing quality
Extremely precise and smooth-running thanks to its helical gearing.
The gearing of the gear rack of the lifgo hp ® is helical geared for particularly smooth running and accuracy.

Your advantages with helical gearing:

    • Resilience: A helical toothing makes it possible to operate the rack and pinion gear with an even load. The load distribution across the tooth width is even and the service life of the gear is extended.
    • Efficiency: The helical gears ensure that the gears run evenly. Friction and heat development are reduced. This leads to a higher power throughput of the transmission.
    • Noise reduction: Helical gears can also help reduce noise levels compared to straight gears. This is particularly important when the gearbox is used in noise sensitive environments or when strict noise level regulations are to be met.


High rigidity – independent of the stroke
The longer the stroke – the more vibration in the system. Until now, the length of the stroke has been a limiting factor for many of the technologies used in the realization of machine tools. From a stroke of approx. 1.50m, the vibrations of the built-in components increase and the accuracy suffers increasingly. With long strokes, the diameter of the KRS is increased so that sufficient rigidity can be generated – this at the expense of the dynamics. With the new lifgo hp® from LEANTECHNIK, these problems are a thing of the past. The rigidity in the system remains high, regardless of the stroke.

Your advantages of high rigidity in the machine:

    • Precision: A high degree of rigidity in machine tools makes it possible to hold the tool-workpiece position precisely and thus achieve greater machining precision. This is particularly important in demanding applications such as the manufacture of precision parts.
    • Productivity: High rigidity in machine tools leads to less deformation under load, which increases productivity.
    • Longevity: A high level of rigidity in machine tools reduces the stresses on the machine parts and tools, which leads to a longer service life. This reduces maintenance and spare parts costs and increases machine availability.


Your benefits from the compact design of our gearboxes:

    • Space saving: A very compact design of the rack and pinion drives saves valuable space in plants and machines, as they have a smaller footprint than other drive systems.
    • Lower weights & dimensions: Compact rack and pinion gears are generally lighter than other drive systems, resulting in improved manageability and easier integration into existing systems.
    • Easy maintenance: A compact design in rack and pinion gears allows for easier access to moving parts, allowing for faster and easier maintenance. In addition, a compact design reduces the risk of damage from shock or vibration.


Fusion of drive & leadership
Drive & guidance in one system! The lifgo hp® combines these two properties in one system and not only saves the user space but also reduces the maintenance and installation effort at the same time.

Your advantages combination of drive & guidance in one system:

    • Improved efficiency: The combination of drive and guidance in one system increases the efficiency in machines because losses through transmission and friction are minimized.
    • Cost reduction: Integrating drive and guidance into one system reduces procurement, assembly and maintenance costs because fewer parts are required and the overall system is easier to install and maintain. Cost degression through the entire value chain.
    • Reduced number of components: By combining drive and guidance in one system, the number of components required is reduced, resulting in a simplified design and less disruption from component failure. In addition, the reduction in the number of components enables improved alignment and overview and easier monitoring of the system.


Maximize your productivity with the lifgo hp®!

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